1. when the world offers
    an endless blue sky
    on silver platter clouds
    blown over a low
    pressure zone into a cool night
    revealing all the shiny white
    sides of each green growing
    thing the silver dollar crowd
    waving from infinite rows of soy beans
    even the usually stalwart corn
    leaning, its yellow cowlicks aquiver
    all sound bent to the swoosh
    in the trees swirling round
    the river bank as it arcs
    inland toward the bluff

    then count the beats well
    between thinking and doing
    blend texture and edge
    see the questions unglued
    tip over the verge of context
    riding smooth rough
    glides into moments

    you can trust

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  2. Funeral plans?

    a Feast! {obviously} with all the stuffings


  3. grouchomac replied to your photo: “murderer”:
    adorable fluffy little murderer

    everybody’s favorite supercute cannibal 

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  4. "Brothers and sisters, never war, never war! Everything is lost with war, nothing is lost with peace. Never more war."
    — Did Pope Francis just challenge the Church’s opinion on war? (via think-progress)
  5. seeds are serious business

  6. murderer


  7. lookingforwisdom:


    Question for all the poets who read this blog: why do write poetry?

    I’m just curious about why people do the things they do.

    Lets send bilingua some answers.

  8. why bother

    one might say it was more than a minor
    physical disruption and yet

    one ninety minute drive later and less
    to unpack, one load of laundry

    already spinning and one drying rack
    a quick shower and a shampoo

    it is almost as if it never was
    but for the lasting internal

    perfect side effects

  12. my reward for walking almost 3 practice miles with my approximately 35 pound backpack


  13. the girl and her (non)love interest
    presently known as cautious
    and probationary, respectively
    are mocking me
    because: dog karma

    more than a decade
    has passed since
    i stole his dog

    this morning
    mine was lying
    on his back in bed
    while i rubbed his belly
    when he up and just ran

    his cute is extraordinary
    criminal like a baby sea otter
    on the second moon of endor
    where the ewoks live
    he has their black lips
    white charlie chaplan mustache
    matching hipster goatee
    with a crooked snagglepuss
    grin - just like me

    but his loyalties?
    lie every elsewhere

    he will stow away
    with any old stray
    and their dog

    he acts like a clog
    to my daughter’s drain
    he sticks like a wad
    of wet fur
    to her

    the only time
    he even seems to see me
    is late at night
    when he wants to walk
    early mornings
    when he’s hungry

    so my dog is a turncoat
    an asshole
    and a rascal

    i hope he lives forever
    but don’t tell him
    i said so

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  14. <3<3<3

    (Source: eriknebel)


  15. only she bees
    tend the flowers

    swim near
    just enough sand
    to grow a tree in

    palmed and coconutted lagoon

    blue floating over
    diving deep

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