1. The Big Bad Glorious (wolf)*


    for an operatic
    joining cascade
    of the darkest
    dips and swirls
    indeed this is
    the big bad darkness

    before he swindled man
    into slicing a cleft
    to save himself
    releasing black
    into the fiber of the world
    but please do not show a care

    for consequences he’s
    in his formal wear
    a tux of black and blood red
    glistening charm
    off moonlight
    and strong
    scents lingering

    penetration of a glowing eye
    drains even pallor
    from your powdery soft
    skinless face
    no color in the sparkling
    glint of teeth

    only the sinking feeling
    of him in the
    softest fleshiest

    of your soul
    as it trickles
    and spurts
    your fingers

    *** my daughter drew this and sent it to me in an email with this text:

    "Didn’t Mother ever tell you not to talk to strangers?"

    Write a poem to go with this and post it on your blog; make it fun and creepy. Drew it just for you so you could write for it if you wanted. It’s fun to draw morbid things :)
    I did my best darling angel sweetest pea master distractor
    infinite<3 (with no awkwardness) for you my dear girlie
    xox moms
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