1. glorious imbastards

    why do you always laugh
    it’s not really funny at all
    when the warmongers lose
    they coming running
    well actually it’s more like a crawl
    with belated apologies
    caught on their lips
    extolling the virtues of peaceful coexistence
    now that they’ve completely bungled and
    undoubtedly dropped the ball
    can’t you see we want back in
    you should trust us again
    we’ll re-write history my friend
    please if only you don’t stand so tall
    we’re sure you’ll forget and forgive just the same
    if you imagine you never witnessed our fall
    you do so hate to question these
    disingenuous intentions
    you’re soft and it’s
    boring as hell
    but Aldo won’t let them back in
    he’ll put them in a pen of their
    own disenchanted exile

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