1. home away from homemaker

    home decor
    mood lighting
    warmth color
    stimulating comfort
    no tv
    move to new rooms

    to make a space
    for social crews

    exotic baskets
    wooden boxes
    by the trinketful

    trained inheritance
    legacy of security
    household hygiene
    keeping up with
    every imaginable judgement
    by the Jones-es
    my advance degree
    in reducing anxiety
    via attachments
    stained in the approval
    of everybody

    thus doomed to cling
    escaped to perceive
    fixation and release
    in the arrangement
    connection and flow
    each carefully
    selected piece of

    couches for comfort
    floorspace for dancing
    a bed in which to
    safely lay my head
    rest and sleep and breathe
    kitchen for cooking up good
    no such thing
    as too many soft pillows

    all of it so easy to clean
    messes and the folk
    who make them
    top my list
    of invitees

    you have entered
    my living space
    for my eternity

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