1. she lives on a street called hot

    a walking contradiction
    written in extremes
    lava cake and vodka martinis
    bitten off in dreams
    intensely never in between
    drunk when you need her maddest skilz
    with flirts and flutters and looks to kill
    she shrugs and smirks and utters “be still”
    about your rules of romance and monogamy

    donning heels to write poetry in sidewalk chalk
    making eyes in case we need a strong cock block
    she’s not afraid to slide a jelly donut
    on the end of your pistola

    careful if you pull her trigger
    the lady does cut quite a figure
    she’s got a fever between her legs
    and she damn sure knows
    just how to use it

    or so i’ve heard

    this a collab by me (trixclibrarian) and cordx ~ we wrote it for the gorgeous writer at xtremewriting

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    a walking contradiction written in extremes lava cake and vodka martinis bitten off in dreams intensely never in between...
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    Mad, mad love for this! Thank you so much!
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