1. coyote crossing {& the line break vocative}

    i. splits vs pieces

    too many times now
    i have been broken
    broken off
    {not broken open}
    at the heart
    whipped by my
    own delight
    twisted free of my me
    in groping hands
    reeling it in
    my heart rope
    used to choke deep
    of lovably misguided
    {sorta} men
    definitely human
    but not
    now by

    ii. kaleidoscopic cracked mirror

    everyone who ever hurt my heart
    revealed their brokenness to me
    they can merely be divided
    into categories
    by whether or not
    it was done willingly
    but with this
    i don’t bother
    each knows
    my own best intentions
    to forgive
    in you

    iii. granting virgin views

    always assumed i fell
    for accident
    what is a given
    can’t come free
    but i was wrong
    it was intention’s wheel driving me
    the day i looked down
    astonishment’s neck
    to see my hands
    cutting coring slicing
    an apple as if grown
    on an honest to goodness
    family tree
    from inside me
    when i wasn’t looking
    at the weird combination
    weakness and strength
    under the flames of birthday
    cake candles
    melting over unmet needs
    show me
    mother vulnerability
    father bravery
    beyond shame
    hidden and overceased
    creased into me
    like braids of strips
    into mobius
    the kind of love
    that forgiveness cliffs
    my love

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