1. snatching words

    i like to speak
    v a g i n a
    in public
    people stare
    i don’t care
    with cock talk
    we women want
    our share
    of bare naked

    for example
    dare we say
    how we play
    when we lay
    on our tummies
    and diddle our bits
    why is that more shocking
    than the shite
    porn is hocking

    when i talk vagina
    why do I get
    evil eyes
    from the ladies
    but men
    it makes them
    they praise me
    for being so brazen
    but i’m cravin’
    open vagina talk
    with women
    let’s open our mouths
    and dig in
    over lunch over brunch
    no munching required
    to love cunt

    when everything is
    i want my own
    representation of power
    destroy half the towers
    and replace them
    with bulbous

    what exactly are you scared of
    i dare ya’
    the question is simple
    why do we leave you
    all so speechless

    Recently, the amazing Tiffany at xtremewriting and i were snatching cocktails together and this collaboration was born. The words and our conversation and our amazingly great {big female} brains were entwined too much to sort out each letter and we both loved it so much we’ve each posted it ~ so you all should like mine and hers: here. Besides, her blog is fabulous. So, please, check it out. 

    awkward<3 jillc

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