1. noah knows shit

    as i’m sure is equally true
    for squirrels
    meercats andĀ ferrets
    bovines, hogs, and sheeps
    lab rats
    minx and lynx and moles and voles
    and men
    of both genders
    there are some things
    about having a woman’s body
    that are just plain difficult
    and exhausting

    except maybe not for clams
    because i saw some live ones
    on the river bed
    on vacation
    and they all looked exactly the same to me

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  19. icrappoetry said: yeah! how did millions of species get on a smallish boat? and what did they eat when they were there (being part of the food chain, many could only survive by eating others on the boat)? how did the penguins survive the long waddle to antarctica? etc
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