1. when heard from above
    like an ear to a chest pressed
    words ebb and words flow


  2. pride is a useless tool

    pride is too useless
    a tool implies some function
    beyond destruction


  3. are you sleeping sound
    rebounding visions first found
    fumbling through darkness


  4. consideration
    care and cultivate restraint
    tender roots grown strong


  5. thungstry

    i want to wet my
    whistle blowing tongue curl straw
    lips on hot soup bowls


  6. 575 combinations to love

    monogamy killed
    creativity spilled out


  7. librarian’s curse

    a good match maker
    alone she sees connections
    light sparks to move on


  8. twist


    hot mama nature
    and her fucks with father time
    multiversal screws

    (via alittlebitloudernow-deactivated)