1. are you sleeping sound
    rebounding visions first found
    fumbling through darkness


  2. consideration
    care and cultivate restraint
    tender roots grown strong


  3. mild winter last year
    summer bugs rain through headlights
    feisty mosquitos


  4. thungstry

    i want to wet my
    whistle blowing tongue curl straw
    lips on hot soup bowls


  5. {straight up} haiku movement {nothing fishy about this one}

    drought is fine when it
    refers to mowing the yard
    but not my sex life


  6. fight bigotry’s lies
    live brave inclusivity
    genuine beliefs


  7. true love shies away
    no inclusion for life’s lies


  8. haiku party games

    guess what i found out
    scavenger hunt for dark fear
    empty spaces here


  9. tailor’s haiku

    cloak crafted with care
    cloth deniability
    plausible yet sheer


  10. of haiku


    i am sick and tired
    of being used like a drug
    taken advantage


  11. of haiku

    i am sick and tired
    of being used like a drug
    taken advantage


  12. (what if {haiku) for all life}

    i gave up struggling
    exchanged longing for a taste
    but not in defeat


  13. trixclibrarian:

    dreams come to visit
    sleep rummaging through my past
    ripping shades that blind


  14. lone gamer’s haiku

    i played a lot of
    yahtzee over the weekend
    but who’s keeping score


  15. this haiku (and so much more)

    music without words
    to change between scenes smoothly
    i want this from you