1. a corner
    white torn edge ragged
    drifts afloat


  2. haiku {late february night storms}

    thunder rat drinking
    dog kennel full of snorting
    rattle dig grinding


  3. cold blue morning light
    glinting off hard frozen snow drifts
    harsh white puffs of breath


  4. blue garden sky ice
    thirty one spears hanging
    on knees looking up


  5. the pink fog
    views in ready pursuit
    the hot dawn

    lights over scenery 

    impression chased beneath
    the steam


  6. being behind
    when i caught up again
    i fell in love


  7. a dog disguised {as blind haiku}

    a hind leg lifted
    sun felt back furry tail wags
    water lapped quenching

    sniffing his way to
    overly rich breakfast treats
    bellyful napping


  8. electric free swim
    wet conduit to safety
    buzzy dry grounded




    30 day poetry challenge (link)

    Day 4- Write a haiku. They’re often about nature, but yours can be about anything.


  9. wood knocking

    raised superstitious
    rituals for protecting
    hope for the return

    grooming tools
    used for deep cleaning
    freeing need

    stay the course true


  10. a wake
    smooth folds wrapped in waves
    in grace


  11. rain
    sounds distant at bedtime


  12. complex
    universal adult


  13. kids
    heavenly wise to us


  14. the less next
    in the more now


  15. clever
    the efficient gardener mows
    with ease

    a one inch wide three yards length
    rusty lead pipe

    hangs from a tree limb above
    no post

    clear below