1. i had a little conversation with my dog this morning…

    For the sake of honesty and credibility, we briefly discussed the principles of operant conditioning. You see, the mutual adoration we share, while quite sincere, was largely bought between us. On my part, from him, with hotdogs. On his part, from me, with unadulterated enthusiastic attention every single time he sees me. (What more does any woman want, afterall). 

    So you see, the last thing i do, before i prepare to leave home each day, is to call for Mr. Beefy (my beloved shih tzu) to come inside where he will be safe. But he can be kind of stubborn and i’m not much good at the whole commanding-serious-voice-thing (not with dogs or with the kids). I have however, managed to associate in his mind, the very specific way i raise my voice and say, “you wanna trEAt?” with the forthcoming tidbit of bacon bits he receives when he has come to me indoors. 

    But this morning, the treat bag was empty and i knew it. Still, it didn’t stop me from calling out as if i was really going to do it - give him a non-existent treat, i mean. Therefore, when he obediently came running in full-force for me, what else could i do, but explain. “This is the intermittent part of your reinforcement schedule, i’m sorry, my dear friend.”

    Fortunately, his english isn’t all that great, so he wagged his tail anyway - even if the news was bad. And he’ll still come the next time i call, without ever remembering he was had. 

    Just another reason why, i love my dog, best of all. 


  2. the drink that poured forth

    over spilled open lips out our mouths rivulets rivering down my neck inelegant gullywashers of words hummed off key are not taken with grains of light in hand when humming wrong is accomplished only with effort even if notes read like greek to the throat that exudes them exhuming cleaved hunks of cheesy romanticisms off the surface of the ground we tread to reveal earthy beauty in between with a real chorus of hundreds of regular people humming well in unison


  3. in beginning a description…

    i am wordless speechless ecstasy is my home each time i approach this art that emanates from the heart of you enriching my moments i feel selfish and greedy for receiving this expression of you so fully into me that i swell like chests protruding on backs arched reaching for the world in all their glory the celebration held in hybrid form beyond thought and words and sensations into the vessels of souls folding into each other and back out to shine on the world a light of orgasmic proportions born on love transmitted via the essence of life inscribed like ink on skin