1. *you* are such a tease…someday my dear, V.!

    powergracebeautypassion replied to your photoset: the box now i dare you the box you must break…

    I want to go draw chalk poetry with you…

  2. thank-you :) :) :) this is my favorite of the chalks


  3. buddha says (thanks readers)


    the wise follower sheds
    all attachments
    that dim
    when the power goes out
    dear friends
    we’ll continue
    to practice that

    so much awkward<3 to anyone who is reading (and especially to those I have interacted with ~ your input has all been fabulous - please don’t go away. truly.)

    i haven’t done this in awhile and since we had a freak middle-of-the-night power outage {and therefore i actually got some sleep} last night, i thought i’d just recycle this old thank-you note {it’s a favorite of my inner buddha}.  i’m always excited to share with readers and writers old and new so please feel free to drop me a note anytime. 

    bigAWKWARD<3 jillc

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  4. thank you both so much - i like this one too :] {blushing}

    alonzoponce replied to your post: lifespan of a coin phrased

    superbly flippant, until the paragraph end where your soul is bared and so is the readers.
    such a fun read and so needed on this day of my life. Love love love to you.

  5. Exposure



    We love to see you bleed.
    Stand there just like that.
    Don’t move.
    Say nothing.
    Just drip your fleshy fluids for all to see.

    This, we have heard, is how one heals.

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  6. absolutely perfectly well said super-V

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    Roggy…she loves us both equally…except me a little more…because I am cuter.



  7. <3<3<3

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    This is lovely and inspirational just like you!

    *right* back at you! {my secret favorite}


  8. you’re sweet but no - she assured me it would cost me $1000 if i ever want to feel better again

    powergracebeautypassion replied to your post: soooo….

    I love psychics. In real life, I love them. All sorts of divination, I love it all. Do you feel better?

    i told her to fuck off because i’m starting to dig the black darkness thing
    thanks for asking though :p


  9. it’s all there, eh? :p

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    I don’t know why this one simple post has me laughing my ass off right now…not at you or anything except the absolute absurdness of everything. love love love


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  10. lol - thank-you :D

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    don’t get those mixed up…

  11. the 10th

    powergracebeautypassion replied to your post: thanks for indulging

    I loved the information you indulged…

    fair trade then? 

    I’ve got one more…the unspoken 10th confession? I’m really really really glad some of you kinda dig my words. <3awkward.