1. empowerment vs. feminism.

    a thoughtful essay and a link to bellhooks. from my most recent new blog to follow. loving it. thanks to feedthecrows for the reblog-recommendation


    cultural essays should be written only when you have devoted the time and privacy of thought to fully engage your topic… essay writing while answering phones and waiting on customers really should be frowned upon and i seriously advise against it…

    no good can (or will) come of this, i know… 

    but Bessie Smith been needing sugar in her bowl for a 100 years.

    the emergence of sexual agency in black music is not a new phenomenon. and appreciation for sexual gratification is not new among feminism - bell hooks herself has written about passion for the penis (link to the article below)… from blues women Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, and Memphis Minnie to the soulful Betty Davis, Minnie Riperton, and Nona Hendryx to early hiphop leaders such as Sweet T, the Real Roxanne, Salt n Pepa, Gangsta Boo, Mia X, YoYo, LIl Kim, Foxy Brown, Adina Howard, and many, many others - gender equality and representation in music has been fiercely defended by progressive artists, who may or may not have considered themselves “true feminists” but most certainly touched upon those aspects of feminism that mattered most in the culture of their profession. and understand this: one does NOT have to single-handedly represent every legislative word of “old guard feminism” to be an advocate for women’s empowerment. ‘empowerment’ is the end result… but how you get there may not represent the ideals of feminism and that’s at the social crux of our contemporary debate (the same debate exists with empowerment for black people as a whole: do we achieve it through the traditional practices of civil rights or do we take a more aggressive route since society no longer seems dedicated to black enfranchisement).


    a “Beyoncé-feminism” works for women in the same way that voting Republican works for lower class Whites: noticeable progress for my generation has been slow to come, so i might as well support what makes me FEEL better about my circumstances than what COULD possibly change those circumstances. 

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  2. castrophony:

    Small bars near Shinjuku Station. Most are not more than ten feet square, these ones line a small lane way on one side of the station. The patrons were either celebrating, morning or recalling something. Some seemed to be in therapy with the barkeep, others drank silently. I was only asked not to photograph once by one patron, I’ll leave you to guess which since I had already made the image.

    incredible. i want them all on a wall, unframed except by each other. with no barriers whatsoever. so that i could sit in a soft chair, in front of bookcases on the wall opposite and stare, or stand up really close and look into each one as if it were a doll house of rooms.

    just glorious. i cannot guess in which one your camera was shunned. but i love them all. <3 i can’t say so enough, B.


  3. straynotions:


    if you meet this woman a second time
    lend her a laugh but do not consider
    the racket she makes some kind of invitation
    for she can no more trust her fate to your whimsy
    than expect frivolous discussion to follow serious flirtation

    perhaps she would break off a piece
    of her heart and and pour…


  4. To my future


    let’s try this again 8D


    i believe…this third stanza:

    I’m adept at floating
    it’s just a matter of filling the lungs
    with one substance and keepnig
    the other from getting in


    is to die for and that more strong words may be arriving and arising from this voice in the future. 8} gggaaaa - i’m such a dork but check her out. awkwardest<3 jillc


  5. trixclibrarian:

    once upon a sometime
    inside my crystal ball
    i spied a window in the distance
    with a warm light on
    where a silhouette sat trapped
    in a tower of pretty words
    waiting for a damsel in distress
    to sidle up for rescue

    on closer inspection
    with retroflection
    the glass orb revealed
    the belfry…


  6. with the silence of patient confusion ringing in my ears


    do not let
    the tinydog
    (of passion)
    out alone
    at night

    his bark
    is nowhere
    near as bad
    as his bite

    he crouches
    his fierce
    in tall grass

    cringing echos

    a call
    from which
    i can
    no meaning


  7. archonofdarkness:

    the city woke up to the news that roggyscanvas been stolen from the local gallery and the police were already tracking down a person of interest - therealvagabondking, who lived with two sisterly felines - lunaroze and serenityroze - on the edge of the city where madness makes its home…

    i do not know how i could have possibly missed this piece of giantbigfun - except i’m clumsy and awkward but… so much biglove! what fun and what a humbling great bunch of writers :) you kickass

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  8. amandapalmer:

    i won’t link to the full review of our show the other night, or even name the publication (if you care, google), because i don’t want to give the writer the satsifaction of the hits. but can i talk for a moment about how incredibly much this pisses me off? thanks, i will. the review begins:



  9. (a)part


    If you are quiet enough
    you can hear the waves knock
    you against the Earth,
    feel constellations swirl in your lungs.

    Then, there is nothing left to do
    but listen and sing along
    knowing how it all
    breathes so perfectly.

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  10. love this…piece of artwork, artist, these words {awkwardly} jc


    drawing by marsalla
    automatic writing-

    Throw yourself into the light and sound without prejudice, reverence, or a need to cling on to anything. Forever is a concept that scares you- you’ve gotten used to chapters and endings. It’s limiting your growth and independence. You programmed yourself to feel the wrong things.
    Become something more than you can ever think of- become what scares you the most- No fear unless you let it happen. Follow through immediately-

    (via edgarmarsalla-deactivated201209)


  11. and a good fuck, too


    if jesus had a strap-on
    did he have a tuck-back, too
    or was he like a ken-doll
    without any pubic “do”
    surely he had an asshole
    or he couldn’t take a poo
    and wasn’t it kind of the point
    for him to break taboo
    i mean what’s a miracle afterall
    without a little eat-sleep-shit life
    for contrast


  12. with or without us*


    unbidden life comes
    unbidden words flow
    unbidden love makes
    unbidden death is slow
    unbidden the wicked
    were not intended
    to rule the world
    unbidden we become
    our own saviors


    works cited: as far as i know the mighty mos def was the first to say that “god did not intend for the wicked to rule the world” {dollar day from true magic, 2006}


  13. oh! and of course…there was snatch last night :)

    it was truly a divine collaboration so I wanted to share the love this morning with T at xtremewriting

    xtremewriting & trixclibrarian:

    i like to speak
    v a g i n a
    in public
    people stare
    i don’t care
    with cock talk
    we women want
    our share
    of bare naked

    for example
    dare we say
    how we play
    when we lay
    on our tummies
    and diddle our bits
    why is that more shocking
    than the shite
    porn is hocking



  14. human rube goldberg


    wiggle in to rotation wound round
    bended on thrusting expanding and contracting
    behind air squared into four points suspending
    pumping through vibrations clacking 
    spread wide flared to wink blinking just below
    a brain that works way too hard to move words
    and letters back and forth like waves of doing
    with eyes and nostrils lips and jaw
    throat voice box apparatus {of hope} heart
    lungs belly {breath} over hips and knees
    ankles and toes all of me
    on the go


  15. trixclibrarian:

    all my meters (and of course my metres)
    are off today (as they are all too often)
    but oddly i don’t care
    instead i’m distracted
    by a tiny stranger of
    freedom in the shape
    of comfort in my own
    peaking around every corner
    of my day sounding whispery
    clear inexplicable yet melodic
    in and out of place
    my body temperature
    rises and falls with no accord
    for weather nor climate control
    decibels in voice go unmodulated
    all sense of my own likability is gone
    maybe i am maybe not as good as i can
    breathing is coming easy missing information
    no source of anxiety could there be such
    a thing as apathetic curiosity because
    i’m not feeling all that confident but
    i still feel like a human-shaped

    * skin be giggle / heart be slick / body go wiggle / the flame’s hot lick