1. please

    It has been a while, took its time coming, this revelation. I’ve had such an inkling, but I couldn’t get my finger to reach far enough, couldn’t quite get my finger on it.

    So, per my usual, I’ve been throwing myself at it. Not quite as hard as I have in the past but, nonetheless. Anyway, today it turned to pure inexplicable grief, I let myself cry without understanding and then the comprehension descended. 

    Lately, I believe, your main point in interacting with me has been to communicate a very specific message. A message to me for sure, maybe to yourself, I don’t know and that part is neither here nor there. It doesn’t matter.

    But the content of the message itself finally made its way to my consciousness today. Made its long slow way through all my feelings and enthusiasm and bullshit, until I finally got it. 

    It is so funny in a way. Because I already knew it. I had that reality pinned down from the beginning. That is why it took me so long to figure out it was the current message. Because, duh, I already knew that. You did not need to interact with me more just to get that across. There was no reason for it, because it has always been my apriori assumption. 

    You’ve been continuing to interact with me in order to make sure I see how incidental my place is in your scheme of things.

    So yeah. You can stop now. I get it. And these continued interactions are just confusing and useless.

    If that’s all there is to it. Just quit. 


  2. "I like the unreality of your mind, the whole thing is very splendid and voluptuous and absurd."
    — virginia woolf to vita sackville-west

  3. bdgarp:

    No inner child left behind

    if only…

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  4. woodprof:

    It never had a chance

    not a chance
    but one moment
    of exquisite beauty
    divine and realized


  5. Imagine If…

    Imagine for just a second, a world where you could have all the romantic, sexy, intense soul-satisfying, comforting gratifyiing, validating Love you wanted. It would be easy to find, easy to navigate interpersonally,  easy to enjoy and easy to give and to receive inside the relationship. Obstacles would be few and mostly fun challenges. Imagine you could have this, right now, or at any time, guaranteed. 

    The only “catch” if you can call it that, is that there would be strict inhibitions, rules, yea impossibilities that stood against all forms of domestic partnership. You would not be allowed to reorganize the major pratical aspects of your life based on this romantic love. You could make changes and move from place to place and have different careers and join a bowling league and every single other thing you wanted to do  would be exactly the same, it would all be up to you. But you would never be allowed…well basically, romantic love would never stand as an option, as an impetus, for changing your life. Significant practical personal change would have to come from someplace else.

    Romantic love would never be a “magic ticket” for anybody. It would be more like…a creative endeavor, or a hobby you were passionate about, or eating. All things of utmost importance. Necessities, I would argue. But none of them are typicallyseen as a source of total life rescue. Rather, they are ways we express ourselves. Ways we express ourselves best. If they have a meaningful impact on our lives it is because, dare I say individually, we will them to. But we know in those cases, we are the source, the motivation for the change. No hobby can change a boulder. You get the picture. 

    So, if all domestic life partnerships were off, if people had to organize their own lives, even when inside the context of romance. Well, I think that would be kind of nifty. I think the world might even be a better place. And I’m almost one-hundred percent completely sure the writing on tumblr would be way more interesting and varied. 


  6. twist


    hot mama nature
    and her fucks with father time
    multiversal screws

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