1. i liked this article, very much
    i hate that a direct “link post” to it features a giant pic of R.W.

    so here is the article: The media’s obsession with Robin Williams’ death made my own depression worse from salon



  4. comixreblog:

    words by trixclibrarian, pictures by erik nebel

    this is the most exciting thing! erik, who draws & writes one of my very favorite blogs, turned one of my senryu {text here} into a collaboration. i honestly can’t say how excited i am about this. <3<3<3 jillc thanks so much!


  5. i forgot to tell this amazing poet i was being a bit of a turtle about my birthday and then she wrote this and then i cried - kind of a lot of good cry - because sometimes people write things and it makes me cry well (good, i mean) a lot. 

    this poem is too amazing not to reblog. i can’t believe it’s for me! <3<3<3 i’m the next best thing to speechless! thank-you so much, Beth!


    Not so many moons ago…

    My small intuitive Self
    Told me
    A goddess became bored
    Of watching lives lived
    From an omniscient
    She wanted more
    To feel
    To love
    As we do
    And so she left her den
    While her clan howled after her
    She grew small
    And naked
    And pink
    And then


  6. thephilosophersotherstone:


    misplaced fir trees dance
    southern belles in wide hoop skirts
    sway with windy tunes

    all spruced up and keen
    northern beaus in fancy frocks
    swirling dalliance


  7. mikefrawley:

    Most assuredly the sea lives in me
    she lives as well in you my friend
    Mademoiselle Maike a lovely lass
    a thief of hearts I’ll not pretend

    Dean “The Man” from Montreal
    his writing takes our breath away
    and Amy our poetic temptress
    a romantic soul, I’d have to say

    ga!! I missed this. It’s so fun! thank-you Mike F. from you this is such a compliment & company worth taking over the world for. awkward<3 jc

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  8. kripigrey:

    Another sigh with http://trixclibrarian.tumblr.com/
    I ineccesantly want to make words with you


    i breathe
    circulate you
    won’t leave

    in this
    you trap
    you and I


  9. deftly does ms. grey extract my words and paint them in together beautifully with hers. dreamy. watershed words, spilling over. <3


    In collaboration ,in collision
    With the amazing http://trixclibrarian.tumblr.com/

    Magnetic dawn
    healing crimson
    crepe scarves
    net me

    Mute copper
    Rusting fibres
    Our blood
    Raspy abrasion
    Tear me


  10. there is so much… and i’m not often left speechless. but this woman, and this woman… all i can say is beware the power of threes. particularly when it comes in female forms bonded via alchemy. <3<3<3


    for trixclibrarian and paradigmpoet

    I stand with the musing mercury
    pooled around my ankles
    and the golden gift you slipped
    me hidden
    under my leaden tongue.

    This is my mad experiment—
    how the powersong,
    so attracted to that good gift,
    silks its way up
    my steady legs,


  11. I missed this last week but I am most definitely in favor of The Goofy Poet’s Chanting Beat Corps Stomp Army - when do we start marching!!


    lol - what a fantastic start. god i love jump-rope rhymes and cadence and dang we should form the goofy poets’ chanting beat corps stomp army

    From this day on, anyone wanting to be a nonsense post-post-postmodernist-rhyming fool will now…

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  12. on going to the place where there is no end to start (for jillc)


    maybe one day
    stars lose their grip and start dancing
    they take the moon as center and whirl around like naughty kids
    maybe one day we will watch this scene together
    as our hands holding with the innocent power of being side by side
    perchance the world we failed in is ending and the stars
    are heralding our happiness
    maybe one day we become light and stretch out to the end of the universe
    and I’ll be fascinated by the fact I’ve promised you that

    there are no words. Gabriel. my souldoppelganger. such *light*, love. <3 jillc

    nts: G wrote this in turkish and i tried to translate on my own, well duh, with the help of google translate. it was hideous and robbed me of all the deep beauty in this. thanks so much G for translating for me! i would love to hear the turkish in your voice :}

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  13. Contextomy LXIII


    for trixclibrarian

    When forgetting
    is the color

    it tickles me
    you came

    to oblivion



    if you’re not reading M. - bigsadloss for you 8p - she’s that rare combo of brilliance and humor that makes words irresistable. and {pardon my squee} she wrote words “for” me! 

  14. Porcine Star Caught Hiding From Pig Paparazzi in Suburban Corn Maze!


  15. trixclibrarian, you are life itself, mother nature herself and me myself.

    Gabriel wrote this about *me* {squee} - if you don’t read his words, i *highly* recommend them. he is my soul-doppelganger, only…better than me. 

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