1. redux: you(i) are(am) begging me(you)

    a plea tart
    pleas sparkling 
    please beyond the taste of wine 
    i do not hear (my/your) overwhelming urge 
    with my ears to indulge sate flickery 
    instead a heavy coin only again to forsake
    dropped on the head this the making 
    of my groin pulling of more 
    slick through a slot pleading 

    the original (i like it better)


  2. you(i) are(am) begging me(you)

    a plea
    i do not hear
    with my ears
    instead a heavy coin
    dropped on the head
    of my groin pulling
    slick through a slot
    beyond the taste of wine
    overwhelming urge
    to indulge sate flickery
    only again to forsake
    this the making
    of more